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Thursday, December 06, 2007


water891-2433, originally uploaded by picsie.chick.

We are never prepared for what we expect.
~James A. Michener, Caravans



RubyShooZ said...

Hi My Friend,

I'm hoping all is well with you and that your schedule is lightening up a bit.

Very nice photo! I have been thinking about ripples lately in many forms - thinking of posting about them and this photo reminded me of that.

About the Michner quote (I love Michner and have read all his books except the one named "Space" and I've read Caravans but don't recall much of it - (I've got some memory problems.) but this quote, even after thinking about it has gotten me wondering what exactly it means.

Just thought I'd throw that out there and see if others have any interpretations of what it means.

Peace today love,

~ RS ~

Pixie said...

I can feel the chill in the air from here in this pic... lovely

Picsie Chick said...

Ruby - so nice to see you! I have only read Michener's Space, none of his other books. But this quote resonates with me in a way that I would find difficult to explain. It fits well with the zen adage that expectation always leads to disappointment.

I guess they are both "things to ponder".

Pixie - always nice to see you. Yes, that was a chilly day, but the sun made it so wonderful!

Hugs to you both,