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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Juxtaposed parallels

Juxtaposed parallels, originally uploaded by picsie.chick.

Juxtaposed parallels

The tragedy of loneliness. Does knowing there are others who share this loneliness, make the pain any less?

Ogopogo and Duchess. Juxtaposed parallels.

There are stories here....



Fire Byrd said...

Yes it helps.
I've only recently got to be good friends with a women who like me has no parents or partner, and we both without acknowledging it making time for one another.
And a lone swan is a sad sight, especially if the partner is dead. Makes me wonder if they suffer heartache or learn to be content on their own. Cause I know as a human that is something I feel nowadays.


Picsie Chick said...

Ah, contentment. I hope you feel it often.

As for Duchess, the lone swan, I do not know if she has contentment. She has human friends - the parks workers that feed her - and lots of fans, but her aloneness is marked with tragedy and it is with respect and sadness that I photograph her whenever I can.

Her mate died violently many years ago. And she remains. The grand dame of the the pond at Polson Park. She has grace and beauty and that kind of composure that one expects from royalty. I can't imagine how she was on that day years ago. I hope she is not like us humans, reliving the time over and over again.

Beauty can infuse, and maybe, just maybe, mitigate sadness.

Hugs and butterflies,

Trish said...

Most definitely!
There is always comfort in numbers no matter what you are sharing! xo