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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Meant to be

Meant to be, originally uploaded by picsie.chick.

How amazing to me that I thought/wrote this stumbling passage while I walked to work Friday morning, and later on Friday read this fabulous by @juliedaley which so eloquently describes the same process. So beautiful, this inter-connectedness...

the key is within us
peace. beauty. sacred. joy.

we all have it
but we forget where it is
obscured as it has become
within the fabric of our lives
knit in with worry, busy, responsibility

it is meant to be fluid, soaring, free
and yet is held fast, smothered
in a net of our own making
a soft cage. a protective buffer

I see it. in glimpses
fleeting moments
I struggle to see it always, to peer past
look through
the interwoven layers

not really but in so many ways a puzzle

I am
afraid to pull at the string
to unravel *life*

can it be freed without
massive disruption,
a complete unraveling?

I tremble at the thought
this is my *life*
is this not me?

is there another way?

can it be mindfully
released, retooled, revealed
one thread at a time
intentionally uncovered and discovered
with purpose and clarity

re-knit with new threads
woven gently. lightly. airily
somehow free yet tethered
visible. central.

less afraid, knowing
there are others
we are together in this quest

living in gratitude
I begin.


1 comment:

Julie Daley said...

Wow. What a beautiful poem. What synchronicity, too. We are in a symbiotic vortex, you and me... what fun!