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Thursday, May 20, 2010

What a Great Day This Was

What a Great Day This Was, originally uploaded by picsie.chick.

It was a friend day

I woke up with fragments of dreams
populated by my friends T and M and B

(all I remember is that we were very
with each other


JC and I exchanged a few
witty quips
and deep thoughts

And then I read
what my friends K and D have cooked up
and my brain popped open

with ideas

Later I had a great talk
with S
and marveled at her athletic skill
and her generosity with me
(and my setback)

I was happy for
my bestest friend J
and his latest milestone
and am so happy to be
on this journey with him

R introduced me to L
who shares some surprising

I learned R lives somewhere that
I'd really like to visit

It was sweet that D
invited me to a show
even though I can't go

was "accused" of being a deep thinker
by another friend S

was humbled by K's generosity

had fun sharing butterflies
with all sorts of friends
all over

and when A helped me out with
some computer stuff
I realized

What a great day this was

I have great friends
And I feel truly blessed

Thank you all!

Hugs and butterflies,


1 comment:

Amanda F. said...

It's all about having the right people in your corner. Go get 'em, tigress.