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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The Latest Contest!

If you're following me on Twitter (and really, if you aren't yet, why not?), then you know I've been having a contest as I reach every new hundred followers.  At each contest I find some methodology to choose the contestants (someone made me laugh, people who retweeted me, etc) and some random way of selecting the winner.  Then I send them an Art Card of one of my photos right to their home address. 

Now that I've reached 900 followers, I've decided to really play the gratitude game.

You tell me who should win the contest - nominate someone (preferably someone I can follow on Twitter) - and tell me why they should win and which photo should be the prize.

This is wide open.  Anyone can play, anyone can win, and everyone gets a chance to look through my photos  which, I've heard from some people, is a nice pick-me-up  anytime.

How do you enter?  Lots of ways:

You can tweet me - be sure to use @picsiechick or dm me so I'm sure to see it.
Or you can leave a comment here.

If your nominee is on the interwebs, leave a link to what they do so I can get to know them, too.  If they are so sparkly-wonderful that they deserve a card from me, I want to know them!

Be warned, once I reach 1000 followers, I won't be having "hundred" contests anymore.  There will still be contests, but they will be random, much like my powers of observation.  So, since there's really only 2 more "sure thing" contests, you probably don't want to miss out.

ps:  should you nominate yourself?  While it's not entirely in the spirit of gratitude, it is in the spirit of recognizing your own awesomeness (as Catherine Caine of advocates), so, sure, tell me a compelling reason that you should win, and you'll be entered, too

Hugs and butterflies, everyone,


John C Davies said...

@picsiechick I think that @moondustwriter should win Each Moment... Breathless because she made my day yesterday.

@VaultBTF said...

@dorothybitestoto should win this contest because she has a sense of humor that brightens the darkest rooms, a passion to feed other passions, she makes the outcast feel like the coolest cat in town, an artist, an athlete, a mother, a lover, a photographer, an artist, she gives without asking for nothing but a smile, so @VaultBTF would like to give her an art card made by another incredibly cool chick!