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Monday, April 26, 2010

Pulled along through your streets, you draw me in

My neighbourhood. I'm pulled along through your streets and lanes that criss cross and circle, and make jagged pathways across the east hill of the valley. You draw me in.

The ivy-hidden garden gnome, the crazy steep stairs, the crescent with its houses from the many decades, the magnolias and lilacs and picket fences and hills.

I walk through all of this, in all of this, part of all of it, letting the sights and smells and sounds fill my senses.

On my right, the sound of t-ball: plunk of bat to ball, staccato excitement of kids, game - ready.

On my left, the lilt and trill and rumble of musicians warming up instruments. The music school, with its columns and leaded glass - what ghosts it must have - dressed for an event tonight.

This fills me up - my vibrant neighbourhood. Part of me. Part of who I am now. Integral as the air I breathe, it is the steps I take every day.

I realize I am smiling. I am home.

What lucky circumstances have brought us to this place? What opportunity grasped at just the right moment? Such good fortune. To find each other, to know each other is all we really need. Yet to know each other *here* to be in the place *together*?


Hugs and butterflies,


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