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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whisper Fiercely ... beauty

Whisper Fiercely beauty, originally uploaded by picsie.chick.

Beauty in small things.
Beauty in all things.

I sign my emails this way
because this is the core of my belief system

The beauty is there
over there
under that


we just have to seek it
to look for it
to open our hearts to its
its shimmer
its pull

beauty is not absent
as the flower finishes its show

nor is she absent
as the earth rests under snow

we know this

we can feel this
and we know this

I breathe it daily

So why is it so hard
to see the beauty in a set-back
to accept that when the push towards a goal
is interrupted

there is a reason

there is a need for rest

for a kind of beauty that whispers fiercely
that soundlessly begs
to be seen
above the disappointment

did my body fail me?
or did I fail my body?


somewhere in this is beauty

because I believe this
my life depends on it


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